Cargo distribution tracked till store

As your business grows, you need a robust system to track all SKUs and their whereabouts once they leave the warehouse. Distribution Hub helps you plan your delivery to stores in an intelligent and efficient way. From load planning to route mapping, this solution will help you make your supply chain cost efficient and time saving. Manage store inventory and transportation schedules in a way you never imagined.

Why choose Distribution Hub for your business?

Delivery Schedules

Lay out your delivery schedules from depot to final store delivery with just a few clicks. No more hassles of crunching spreadsheets and keeping track of numbers offline. Bring your entire delivery planning and scheduling to the cloud.

Level Load Planning

Idle inventory causing havoc in your stores? The smart system makes it easier to monitor each store’s inventory capacity. This enables you to schedule your transportation and delivery well ahead in time.

Route Optimisation

Longer trips mean increased cost. Optimise the transport routes to store to gain cost efficiency like never before. Our system has the capability to suggest the best route so that the store have less wait time and your entire transportation cost comes down.

Real-time Insights

Real-time data means information on the go. Thus enabling you to pull out reports and make smarter decisions. Your cargo is never unmonitored even while in transit. Which means your stores are ready to receive the good well in advance.

Detention Reduction

Waiting trucks cause you bleed a lot of cost. With dock planning, you can save on the detention charges by letting your transporter know exactly when to arrive and when to leave. With all planned well, your supply chain will move way closer to efficiency.

Live Vehicle Status

Bothered your store will not be ready to receive the cargo when it arrives? With live vehicle tracking, this is no more a hassle. This means your cargo is safe, tracked at all times, and reaches through the fastest route.