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Forwarding Hub is a crafted solution for 3PL freight service providers to streamline the process of freight forwarding by offering complete digital solution to freight forwarders. Multiple players (freight forwarders, suppliers, transporters, warehouse, shipping line, Customs experts, etc.) make the entire process complex and if one thing get delay its effects the next set of activities. Forwarding Hub keeps all stakeholders at the same page with real-time insights and offers control to all the stakeholders.

Why should you choose Forwarding Hub?

Visibility & control

To ensure control over your consignment is not lost, our forwarding hub platform offers you complete visibility to track the movement.

Performance monitoring

With Control Tower, you can get all the information you need to detect opportunities or threat at an earlier stage as it gathers and collate information from numerous sources.

Smart tracking

Track the orders from the comfort of your home. From order booking to delivery, you have complete control over the PO, container and shipment. Each and every step is tracked in the supply chain using the smart track feature.

Save cost & time

As you get complete visibility and control over your supply chain, you tend to save on direct cost. With less interaction with middlemen and more on the system, it helps save time.

KPI (Key Performance Index)

A KPI helps to monitor performance to track and optimise all supply chain processes in an efficient manner. KPIs are also crucial in attracting and retaining customers.

Real-time Information

Get real-time insights for each event as and when they happen. As you get updated on the important milestone, it helps you take informed business decisions.