POMS(Purchase Order Management System) process helps streamline and improve the accuracy of the procurement process. Easily manages the creation and maintenance of PO all through the supply chain process.

Control Tower

A live service delivery workflow that monitors all processes and activities against the specified key performance indicators. The control tower not only improves performance of the business but also saves cost.

Milestone Alerts

Key events are notified as and when they occur through notifications and alerts keeping you updated of the important milestones. This helps take well-informed decisions to nurture your business.

Business Process Management

Allows customers to manage the deliverables by capturing all the shipment tasks against the KPI or TAT providing end-to-end visibility and control.

DSR Generation

The daily status report offers all the information with respect to the consignment. Easily retrieve the data with respect to multiple shipments booked on a single day.

Reports and Analytics

Send status reports to your customers. Prepare analytical reports to optimise your operations. All of this, in a few clicks.

Customised Dashboard

All information at a glance. Use informative dashboards for making data-driven, insightful decisions.

Exception Management

Allows you to monitor the cargo readiness and also to get engaged in compliance management.

Document Management

Generate error-free shipment documents. Allows you to have quick access to all current and historical documents whenever needed.