A leading company in Australia engaged in selling swimwear, manufactured in Hong Kong and sold directly to customers in Australia, US, UK, and Canada. The consignment took a long sales cycle, more than 14 days from order booking to final delivery. Being an extremely volatile air shipment e-commerce business, requiring faster turn-around-time, they sought solutions to reduce this time by half that could save them nine days.



  • Initiated 20Cube’s custom-made WMS (Warehouse Management Solution) MyHubPlus
  • Integrated their e-commerce platform with MyHubPlus to bring-in real time inventory in their order system. This avoided the manual delays of reconciliation/confirmation
  • Custom-built barcode solutions (Android handheld devices) for a faster TAT to the delivery partner
  • Ascertain the right delivery partner (Hong Kong Post) and incorporate with their system for bringing visibility in e-commerce platform


9 days

Savings on Turn around time
(From 16 days to 7 days to Australia, US, UK, Canada, which improves the sales cycle)


Direct savings on Freight cost
(Average of $13 per parcel is reduced to $10 per parcel to AU, US, UK, Canada)