At A Glance

The 90-year-old company, key manufacturer of pre-cast concrete items, later diversified into manufacturing injection moulded plastic and other products.

“Everything Water”. As the company experienced growing supplier base in China, it invested substantial resources to control and manage the vendor base including the order fulfilment process and checking on similar purchase orders for payment accuracy.


“An exception rising in factory is captured in the system letting us take decisions instantly. You are an IT company and you have saved me two hours in a day.”

Value Drivers

  • Manage by exceptions and approval processes
  • Advance search feature and reporting (online and real-time)
  • Real-time alerts of key milestones
  • Automated vendor compliance



Time savings for SCM team
(Reduction of 2 hours per day by the customer by overcoming the legacy/email way)

24 Suppliers

Communications Digitized
(Bookings, Exception, and Invoice Submissions digitized through MyHub+ Platform)