About The Company

The company is engaged in developing, marketing and support technologies for the global mineral processing, metal smelting and refining industries. The products manufactured were stored in warehouses in Brisbane, South Africa, Malaysia, Chile, Canada and from there shipped across the globe.

Business Requirements

  • Global warehouse management as 4PL / LLP
  • Provide complete visibility of 3rd party systems from 3PL
  • Improve communication process with vendors
  • Minimise errors in inventory data
  • Integrate with customer’s existing IT system
  • Ensure information & data security


Value Drivers

  • Global 4PL capability using 20Cube IT and ITES
  • AAdvanced reporting - online & real-time
  • Consolidated inventory integrating with ERP


Key Stats

$ 600K

Direct savings per annum
(5 FTEs savings since the 20Cube ITES team coordinates with the DCs directly)

2 Days

Lead time optimization
(due to the 24/7 operations and time to time communications from 20Cube ITES)