A Japanese e-commerce company procures goods from a Japanese supplier who imports it from a factory in Vietnam.



  • To bring all the key stakeholders spread across the globe under one collaborative platform
  • Provide visibility with respect to orders, shipments, container movements and other freight activities

Value drivers

  • Introduced collaborative supply chain platform MyHubPlus to bring in supplier, warehouses, factory movement, forwarders, truckers, factories, customs & supply chain team on a single platform.
  • Offer end-to-end visibility to different parties from raising of PO to store delivery, including managing consolidation request (in origin, in transit, warehouse and in transit to store)
  • Advanced reporting & documentation management to facilitate monitoring of inventory to PO level
  • RPA to auto-monitor freight info against each shipment and track movement of each container for updation of arrival and departure date into the system
  • Making decisions easier for the customers by managing Make-To-Order (MTO) and Make-to-Stock (MTS) quantity through new headers Factory Invoice No and Supplier Invoice no to all grid pages.
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    Stakeholders collaboration